July, 2011

special offer poppers

Looking for the best value deal on multiple buys of poppers?

Look no further, we have some great deals on 3 x bottles of poppers.

This offer has the world famous Liquid Gold aromas in a 10ml bottle along with the popular RUSH and HOT.

We are the UK’s premium supplier of Room aromas and poppers.

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breast enhancement

Today we have taken the decision to use our news feeds to promote and inform more people of other fabulous products that can be purchased from some of our other websites.

Today we are focusing on the breast enlargement products from LoveBody.

Women (and some men) spend millions each of hard earned pounds each year on enhancement products and enlargement pills and cream. The breast enlargement sector is a massive industry. Lots of women crave to have firmer rounder breasts. Some breasts naturally point in the wrong direction whilst other have had the helping hand like pregnancy or illness. Whatever the reason your looking to enhance your breasts you will be pleased to know there are alternatives to expensive breast enlargement surgery.

Known as breast augmentation surgery it is the fastest solution to enlarge your breasts, as well as being able to enlarge and firm your breasts within 4 hours there is the added benefit that you get to decide exactly what size breasts you would like but the down side to this is the cost, breast enlargement surgery is not cheap. The average cost is approx £4000 in the UK, this can be reduced slightly in the UK if you are having multiple procedures at the same time like lips, eyes, cheeps or tummy tucks. Some European companies especially in Eastern Europe are offering this surgery for about £2500 but the after care has been reported as very poor and the chances of problems like infection once the surgery has been done are also greater.

Product like the Breast gain plus from LoveBody are the low cost alternative to expensive surgery, these breast enlargement pills can be purchase on there own or as part of a breast gain plus combo.  Available at a fraction of the cost of expensive surgery the breast gain plus program will take longer, estimated for optimum results between 3 and 6 months the cost difference for many people if worth the wait. Breast gain plus will not only increase breast size but also give you firmer and rounder breasts.

So if your looking around on the internet for natural breast enhancement pills or natural breast enlarging creams then the breast gain plus should be a perfect low cost choice.

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xtreme poppers

25 ml bottles of poppers are becoming more popular due to the great value for money that they offer. Priced between £6 and £8 per bottle you get move than twice as much in each bottle for a franction of the the price more than a 10ml bottle.

Number 1 on our best seller list out of all of our larger 25ml bottles of poppers is the xtreme poppers. Destinctive pacaging in black, thie and red the attractive bottles are a big hit with regular poppers users.

We are the UK’s cheapest supplier if Xtreme aromas. Check out other websites prices that sometimes look cheap. Some websites are offering this product for about £5.50 but these prices are very misleading. These prices exclude delivery and VAT so the price you see at £5.5o is nowhere near the price you pay.

The real price.

Price £5.50 + Delivery £2.00 + VAT = £9.00

Got Poppers PRICE. £6.75 + Delivery £1.95 = £8.70

Remember our Buy 4 Pay for 3 offer.

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