August, 2011

new room aromas coming soon

We have been busy over the last week weeks sourcing new products for our website GotPoppers.

Over the next week or so you will see these new products become available to purchase. You will also see some of or older products that we experienced stock shortages become available.

New products being added shortly include:

15ml bottles, HIT aromas,

22ml bottle HardOn aroma

X Deep aromas, xxx Hard aromas, Voltage aromas.

There are several items that are now available, some need to be re-added to our website but these include, BANG, BUZZ, Pure gold, Hi Tech.


Please keep checking our website for updates over the next week  :o)

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liquid gold aroma

Looking for the best place to buy poppers online?

Back in the day when poppers used to be at it’s best before the &!*”‘s at the MHRA had the ingredients classed as a medicine product and in the UK every seller was forced to stop selling these great products there used to be several products that always stood out from the rest.

They have been around for many years right from the start and they continue to dominate the best sellers lists even in the current sales charts.

PWD, (Pac West Distribution) the license and manufacturer of the world famous RUSH & Quick Silver aroma is sadly no longer around but the brand still lives on. A company withing Europe purchased the trademark and the licensing rights to use the name and brand RUSH aromas.

My earliest memories using poppers stem back to the early 1990′s. In a club called Nightingale (the Gale) on Birmingham’s Hurst Street. Poppers were openly on sale behind the desk on the way in so when paying my entrance fee I purchased a bottle of Quick Silver. The rest as they say is history!!!…

RUSH and Quicksilver are brands imported from the USA. Currently in the UK the best selling brands are the well known brands like Liquid gold aromas. The manufacturer based in Yorkshire also makes other popular brands like REDS, TNT etc..

As mentioned above, these products are all still best selling products in the UK and can be purchased from GotPoppers today.

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