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new website for got poppers

We have taken the decision to remove the facility to purchase products from this website and direct all of our customers past and present to our new website room aromas.

Over the past few months there has been more and more pressure from the authorities about the incorrect use of room aromas coming from the marketing used to sell them.

Many of the top websites in the UK have already been removed for this same reason and we are following the trend.

But don’t worry, our new website is bigger and better with new products continuing to be added on a regular basis. At the time of writing this we has a total of 97 different brands of aroma for sale on our new website including aromas from £2 per bottle when purchased in a tray.

We will slowly be redirecting our product pages to our new website over the next few weeks. Please check back for more news shortly.


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jungle juice poppers

At long last we are glad to let everyone know that we finally have some more jungle juice plus and jungle juice platinum arriving back in stock within the next few days.

These two popular products was launched back in October but it wasn’t long before we completely ran out of stock.

Poppers have never been so popular as we see the launch of new products like Jungle Juice plus and jungle juice platinum because they contain a new formula stronger than the current UK formulas.

We have also seen many price decreases on many popular products since we have purchase in bulk and are able to pass on our discounts direct to our customers.

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New Room Aromas

World Niche products is excited to announce that we will shortly be introducing a new range of stronger products. We are very confident that products like these have not been on sale in the UK now for a couple of years since the old Amyl nitrite was banned by the MHRA.

You can keep updated on any new products by checking this new blog and also by signing up to our newsletter.


Breast actives

The Breast Actives Program is the most powerful and natural breast enhancement program available anywhere in the world. The Breast Actives program is a natural Breast Enhancement Program with exercise techniques, natural supplements and enhancement cream that provide nutrients that you may be missing if you are not eating a balanced diet.


Breast Actives prides itself on making quality its first priority. All the raw materials used in Breast Actives products must pass stringent quality control tests before being utilized to produce safe, effective herbal dietary supplements. In addition to selecting the best possible suppliers and herbs, all our stock must pass an in-house inspection before finding its way into a supplement.

The Breast Actives enhancement pill is one of many safe, unique, and effective products Breast Actives offers. Our wide range of “high-demand” supplements is offered to vendors and retailers at wholesale prices only slightly above our manufacturing costs. We’ve earned our place at No. 1 by offering affordable supplements made from only the finest grade pharmaceutical ingredients.


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new room aromas coming soon

We have been busy over the last week weeks sourcing new products for our website GotPoppers.

Over the next week or so you will see these new products become available to purchase. You will also see some of or older products that we experienced stock shortages become available.

New products being added shortly include:

15ml bottles, HIT aromas,

22ml bottle HardOn aroma

X Deep aromas, xxx Hard aromas, Voltage aromas.

There are several items that are now available, some need to be re-added to our website but these include, BANG, BUZZ, Pure gold, Hi Tech.


Please keep checking our website for updates over the next week  :o)

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breast enhancement

Today we have taken the decision to use our news feeds to promote and inform more people of other fabulous products that can be purchased from some of our other websites.

Today we are focusing on the breast enlargement products from LoveBody.

Women (and some men) spend millions each of hard earned pounds each year on enhancement products and enlargement pills and cream. The breast enlargement sector is a massive industry. Lots of women crave to have firmer rounder breasts. Some breasts naturally point in the wrong direction whilst other have had the helping hand like pregnancy or illness. Whatever the reason your looking to enhance your breasts you will be pleased to know there are alternatives to expensive breast enlargement surgery.

Known as breast augmentation surgery it is the fastest solution to enlarge your breasts, as well as being able to enlarge and firm your breasts within 4 hours there is the added benefit that you get to decide exactly what size breasts you would like but the down side to this is the cost, breast enlargement surgery is not cheap. The average cost is approx £4000 in the UK, this can be reduced slightly in the UK if you are having multiple procedures at the same time like lips, eyes, cheeps or tummy tucks. Some European companies especially in Eastern Europe are offering this surgery for about £2500 but the after care has been reported as very poor and the chances of problems like infection once the surgery has been done are also greater.

Product like the Breast gain plus from LoveBody are the low cost alternative to expensive surgery, these breast enlargement pills can be purchase on there own or as part of a breast gain plus combo.  Available at a fraction of the cost of expensive surgery the breast gain plus program will take longer, estimated for optimum results between 3 and 6 months the cost difference for many people if worth the wait. Breast gain plus will not only increase breast size but also give you firmer and rounder breasts.

So if your looking around on the internet for natural breast enhancement pills or natural breast enlarging creams then the breast gain plus should be a perfect low cost choice.

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poppers offer 3 pack

Looking for a great deal?

Look no further, we have the best prices and the widest selection of poppers on the internet.

We have looked at the competition and there prices! We check on a regular basis to ensure we are always at up to date with the latest products and compare our prices all the time.

For example, 3 bottles of poppers


poppers 3 pack

this offer includes 3 bottles of 10ml poppers for just £10.99.





We have introduced a new weekly newsletter that will be sent out every Monday containing weekly special offers.

You can un-subscribe from the newsletter by simply clicking on the link within the email.

Our first special offer focuses on the 2 products that are currently running very low on stock. Once these have gone we will no longer be able to get any more. Last check we did we had 80 bottles, 18 Jungle Juice and 62 Quick Silver. These products are made from the old style formula that you can no longer purchase in the UK.  During a stock clearance purchase we came across these products. This is very lucky and a one time opportunity for you to purchase some original poppers and maybe stock up on them as you might not ever be able to get these again.


Welcome to the new GotPoppers blog.

We will be keeping you updated on any new products and any industry news on this blog.