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new room aromas coming soon

We have been busy over the last week weeks sourcing new products for our website GotPoppers.

Over the next week or so you will see these new products become available to purchase. You will also see some of or older products that we experienced stock shortages become available.

New products being added shortly include:

15ml bottles, HIT aromas,

22ml bottle HardOn aroma

X Deep aromas, xxx Hard aromas, Voltage aromas.

There are several items that are now available, some need to be re-added to our website but these include, BANG, BUZZ, Pure gold, Hi Tech.


Please keep checking our website for updates over the next week  :o)

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liquid gold aroma

Looking for the best place to buy poppers online?

Back in the day when poppers used to be at it’s best before the &!*”‘s at the MHRA had the ingredients classed as a medicine product and in the UK every seller was forced to stop selling these great products there used to be several products that always stood out from the rest.

They have been around for many years right from the start and they continue to dominate the best sellers lists even in the current sales charts.

PWD, (Pac West Distribution) the license and manufacturer of the world famous RUSH & Quick Silver aroma is sadly no longer around but the brand still lives on. A company withing Europe purchased the trademark and the licensing rights to use the name and brand RUSH aromas.

My earliest memories using poppers stem back to the early 1990′s. In a club called Nightingale (the Gale) on Birmingham’s Hurst Street. Poppers were openly on sale behind the desk on the way in so when paying my entrance fee I purchased a bottle of Quick Silver. The rest as they say is history!!!…

RUSH and Quicksilver are brands imported from the USA. Currently in the UK the best selling brands are the well known brands like Liquid gold aromas. The manufacturer based in Yorkshire also makes other popular brands like REDS, TNT etc..

As mentioned above, these products are all still best selling products in the UK and can be purchased from GotPoppers today.

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special offer poppers

Looking for the best value deal on multiple buys of poppers?

Look no further, we have some great deals on 3 x bottles of poppers.

This offer has the world famous Liquid Gold aromas in a 10ml bottle along with the popular RUSH and HOT.

We are the UK’s premium supplier of Room aromas and poppers.

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xtreme poppers

25 ml bottles of poppers are becoming more popular due to the great value for money that they offer. Priced between £6 and £8 per bottle you get move than twice as much in each bottle for a franction of the the price more than a 10ml bottle.

Number 1 on our best seller list out of all of our larger 25ml bottles of poppers is the xtreme poppers. Destinctive pacaging in black, thie and red the attractive bottles are a big hit with regular poppers users.

We are the UK’s cheapest supplier if Xtreme aromas. Check out other websites prices that sometimes look cheap. Some websites are offering this product for about £5.50 but these prices are very misleading. These prices exclude delivery and VAT so the price you see at £5.5o is nowhere near the price you pay.

The real price.

Price £5.50 + Delivery £2.00 + VAT = £9.00

Got Poppers PRICE. £6.75 + Delivery £1.95 = £8.70

Remember our Buy 4 Pay for 3 offer.

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poppers offer 3 pack

Looking for a great deal?

Look no further, we have the best prices and the widest selection of poppers on the internet.

We have looked at the competition and there prices! We check on a regular basis to ensure we are always at up to date with the latest products and compare our prices all the time.

For example, 3 bottles of poppers


poppers 3 pack

this offer includes 3 bottles of 10ml poppers for just £10.99.




original poppers sold out

Well it is with great disappointment that I find myself letting everyone know that the last of the Jungle Juice and the quick silver have now been sold. It is highly unlikely that we will be in a position where we can offer these products again in the future.

We will of course keep you updated of any future developments on our poppers blog. We are always looking for distributors of poppers, if we come accross any original strong poppers you will be the first to hear about it.

Jungle Juice Plus

Wow… we’ve seen the last remaining bottles of Quick Silver fly out over the last 10 days.. Although there was only 60 ish bottles left these were snapped up by you poppers hungry people looking for some strong original poppers.

These room aromas were part of some old stock that we purchased when we took over the website got poppers. Ultimately we should not have been selling these products as they are no longer allowed to be sold in the UK. That’s why you won’t be able to purchase any more of these products once they have all gone because we won’t have them again. It was very lucky of us to come across these few bottles that were forgotten about.

In the future if we do come into some original poppers we will certainly let you know. In the meantime, the last time I checked there was just 4 bottles of Jungle Juice  left in stock so you will need to be quick. If sales continue like they did with the quick silver then they will be snapped up within the next 24 hours.


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quicksilver update

Within one week we have halved the amount of Quick Silver from 65 down to under 30 bottles left.

Remember, these poppers are not available to purchase anywhere else and once they have gone then you will not be able to purchase any more.

Jungle Juice plus is down to just 12 bottles. It doesn’t seem to be selling as fast as the quicksilver but rest assured with only 12 bottles left in stock it’s not going to be long before it is sold out.


We have introduced a new weekly newsletter that will be sent out every Monday containing weekly special offers.

You can un-subscribe from the newsletter by simply clicking on the link within the email.

Our first special offer focuses on the 2 products that are currently running very low on stock. Once these have gone we will no longer be able to get any more. Last check we did we had 80 bottles, 18 Jungle Juice and 62 Quick Silver. These products are made from the old style formula that you can no longer purchase in the UK.  During a stock clearance purchase we came across these products. This is very lucky and a one time opportunity for you to purchase some original poppers and maybe stock up on them as you might not ever be able to get these again.