Recently I decided to look around at the room aromas market. Being a website that sells room aromas, otherwise known as poppers, room odourisers, and other street names are like RUSH, Gold etc..

So, I put aside a morning to look a little more into the websites and companies selling these products online. I wanted to know what the general public thought of these companies. I wanted to know the prices, the service, and to get a better idea of the best and the worst of the companies out there.

Firstly I decided to do a quick search on google for poppers website reviews. I wanted to see if there was any review sites on the Internet where customers had left reviews.  These websites are a brilliant indication on how well the website is performing, customer service and whether or not customers are happy in general.

The first results were very interesting, one of the biggest and most trusted independent review websites Trust Pilot was amongst the top of the pile. This seemed like an obvious place to start, in particular one website stood out from the rest.

Poppers, was the result returned, but before I jumped in to look at the reviews that did look impressive I decided to look for more website featuring poppers. So using the search facility on the trust pilot website I searched for poppers. It returned 21 results. Out of the 21 websites only 4 of these actually had any reviews and ratings so I decided to start off with the lowest rating and work my way up.

poppers is rated 6.1 out of 10. This is based on 1 review. The single review accuses the website of being fake. The customer ordered from the website and never received the order.

poppers2U is rated 7.4 out of 10, This was also rated by a single review. the customer seemed happy they received their order from them.

power poppers was a little more interesting. With a rating of 6.3 out of 10 this was based on 22 customer reviews. I looked through all of the reviews and found varied reviews. The majority of the customer were unhappy with the service, often not receiving there orders and getting no reply from the company when either complaining or emailing them. On the other hand though there was a few people that were happy and rated the company highly. With so many bad and negative reviews it’s hard to trust a company.

Lastly, there is A1 Poppers. A rating of 9.6 out of 10, this was based on 53 customer reviews. After looking through the reviews it was easy to see why this website was rated so highly. Many of the reviews praising the super fast delivery. Most of the customers seemed to get their orders the very next day. Many of the reviews praising the choice and the prices as well as several reviews mentioning how exceptional the customer service is.

So there it is, the result don’t lie, the review sites don’t make these up. All customer reviews can to be verified as real customers. Next time your looking where to purchase your poppers from, check out the reviews on trust pilot.

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