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Amsterdam special

Looking for Amsterdam Special?

Up until recently the only product available to purchase in the UK was the Amsterdam XXX aromas. This is not bad but not as good as the original Amsterdam Special. With this in mind we have been in talks over the last 6 months with a manufacturer from North America about supplying some of there more popular products.

amsterdam special

So why has this taken so long to just re-sell these products?

Well it’s not easy in 2011 to sell room aromas, legally we can not call them poppers and there are several key chemical ingredients that we are no longer allowed to be sold within the UK so we have been waiting for the manufacturer to release a new stronger formula allowing for the new stricter UK regulations.  All targets have now been met and these products are currently on sale on our got poppers website.

Please note,  the working poppers is only used for marketing and search engine optimisation, we do not sell poppers.

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Jungle Juice Plus

Wow… we’ve seen the last remaining bottles of Quick Silver fly out over the last 10 days.. Although there was only 60 ish bottles left these were snapped up by you poppers hungry people looking for some strong original poppers.

These room aromas were part of some old stock that we purchased when we took over the website got poppers. Ultimately we should not have been selling these products as they are no longer allowed to be sold in the UK. That’s why you won’t be able to purchase any more of these products once they have all gone because we won’t have them again. It was very lucky of us to come across these few bottles that were forgotten about.

In the future if we do come into some original poppers we will certainly let you know. In the meantime, the last time I checked there was just 4 bottles of Jungle Juice  left in stock so you will need to be quick. If sales continue like they did with the quick silver then they will be snapped up within the next 24 hours.


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