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Poppers - Male enhancement - Knight of a thousand pleasures

Knight of a thousand pleasures

Knight of a thousand pleasures

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Aptly named "Knight of a thousand pleasures," among the myriad ways you can use this toy are, wait for it: an erection pump, strap-on dildo, self-masturbator, dual-stimulator, penetrator, condom, erection enhancer and any other way your imagination can dream up. Now don't be fooled by its daunting list of abilities, this strap-on features a relatively simple and easy-to-use design; the harness is worn with the penis inserted into the shaft, and a tube from the shaft leads to the hand-suction-pump. A ribbed cone that opens up at the lip of the cylinder creates a tight seal around your cock for maximum effect.The suction it creates helps you get a hard-on, harder and faster, and if you don't need any help, you (and your partner) can still benefit from its temporary enlarging effects. The suction widens your blood vessels to increase the flow, and this is what expands and sensitizes your penis (we don't recommend using the suction pump for longer than half an hour.)As for your partner, tell him or her not to worry, 'cause nobody's getting left out of the fun; this harness not only features all those cock-stimulating benefits, but you can also use it during sex so your partner can enjoy its realistic shape and size.The shaft itself is made out of firm and hard plastic and is also veined with a penis shaped tip-this is all designed with the intent to simulate and enhance sex for the both of you at the same time, so what are you waiting for?If you only buy one sex toy, you should decide on one that can be used in as many different ways as this one. Hurry, this massive discounted penis pump is for a limited time only. We only have 2 available at this price.

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